Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hello World.

One of the things I wanted to put up here are interviews. Interviews with well known bass players in India. Interviews with great drummers, guitarists and other musicians. Interviews with people in the know, sound engineers etc. Why? Because they can all teach us something. Developing as a musician involves knowing where you stand and how you can grow. Knowing how and where to go only comes from good, solid information from people who have that knowledge. As far as bass is concerned, it is important to understand each instrument in the band. What do they expect from the bass? It is important to get insights from people in the know. A good sound engineer who doesn't play any instruments knows more about what good sounds like than the average bassist. I am beginning to learn these things because of where I put myself these days. I shall bring this to you in the form of interviews from the best here in India.

Till then, Keep Grooving.

The Indian Bassist

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